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About Wanderlust

Wanderlust, the UK's leading magazine for people with a passion for travel, was launched in 1993 by Paul Morrison and Lyn Hughes, who schemed the project on a flight to Ecuador. Frustrated by the absence of a publication combining the right mix of wildlife, activities and cultural insight – not to mention inspirational writing and photography – the couple decided to produce a magazine packed with truly impartial information and fresh ideas.

So Wanderlust was conceived in the mid-Atlantic, and the business plan was written during a tour of the Galápagos Islands. The magazine's beginning was modest: the spare bedroom was converted into an office and a single Apple Mac was bought to put it all together. An initial print run of 5,000 soared to over 50,000 as keen travellers discovered the new magazine that spoke to and for them.

The magazine has grown a lot since those humble beginning, with subscribers in 112 countries and over 100,000 readers enjoying eight issues a year. We've long since outgrown the spare bedroom, and our dedicated team works from an office in central Windsor. We have also expanded into editorial and media services for other travel companies.

Sadly, Paul Morrison – the magazine's co-founder and publisher – died in December 2004. But, for all the changes, the underlying principles that Paul believed in so passionately remain the same, and continue to underpin the magazine.

Nearly a decade later, Wanderlust leads the way in the production of intelligent and inspirational travel publishing, picking up awards and accolades along the way with its blend of quirky features, practical reviews and tips, and insights and ideas. Wanderlust Magazine also celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2013!

Wanderlust is published 10 times a year.

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